Saturday, November 7, 2015

New Passions, New Styles!

Hello after a long hiatus! I started this blog in celebration of one of my favorite things: weddings. I adore the planning behind them, the choices on color and pattern, food and decor, gowns and rings, DIY touches,  everything! But I also enjoy these aspects of every day life: planning and hosting parties, decorating for holidays, creating, crafting and remodeling! So I'm broadening my subject matter to what matters to me most lately. I'll keep posting about wedding trends and my favorite traditions, but I'm adding in some color from the other corners of my life! I hope you enjoy!

I'll kick off the new venture with a few photos from a Vintage Market I went to today. Put on by some truly lovely ladies, the Vintage Christmas Market takes up an entire warehouse for one day with more vendors of shabby chic decor than you can shake a distressed stick at! Also present were antique peddlers, cider sellers and pie makers! Mmm! It was a bustle with activity and I had already pulled out my wallet twice in the first 5 minutes. I had a feeling I'd be in trouble....

My favorite find is a set of Anchor Hocking Serve-A-Snack trays and cups. My mother uses these every year on Christmas Eve and they hold a special place in my heart. As my party hosting grows, and as I grow more and more into my mother, it was time for my own set! Bring on the hors d'oeuvres!

I also found, for the hostess with the mostest, a 1967 book on drink making and parties and a beautiful vintage necklace of rhinestones to wear during my next soiree!


Until next time! E. Charlotte