Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Year's Eve Weddings!

I love this time of year! So much celebration! So many colors and patterns and lights and sparkly things! What better time to plan a wedding then, eh? I've never been a big one for Christmas weddings (though they are quite pretty!). I like to keep those two events separate. But a New Year's Eve wedding? Well that's just splendid!

I have always been a lover of New Year's Eve. I've always wanted the big party (a la When Harry Met Sally!). I want to wear bright jewel tones and big jewelry and party with champagne and friends. And of course have that special someone to kiss as the clock strikes twelve. So romantic! Maybe that's why I love these types of weddings too. It's all about sparkle!


New Year's Eve weddings, of course, run later than most wedding celebrations. This allows for a different style party and a whole new atmosphere. It allows the bride some more freedom with her dress and decor too.

When I think New Year's Eve, I think black and silver and sequins. That's why I love these wedding gowns, a little different than the usual:

Gotta love the cakes!

I hope everyone has a wonderful New Years! Here's to 2014!

Friday, December 27, 2013

Peacock Party!

Now here's a color scheme and wedding theme I've seen a lot of on the internet. Teal and purple have always gone together well, and so it's only natural for folks to love peacock plumage. I'm a fan, though with it so popular these days it's becoming a little cliche. Peacock accents I think add some fun to a wedding, but I probably wouldn't theme the whole event around these birds.

Sharon Naylor sums up some of the symbolism nicely here:

"In Greco-Roman mythology, the peacock is connected to Hera/Juno who, lore says, made the peacock from Argus with his hundred eyes. Thus, that mark on the peacock’s tail feathers that looks like an eye and in some legends symbolizes the “eyes of the stars.”

In Hindu culture, the Peacock is associated with the deity Lakshmi, representing benevolence, patience, kindness, compassion and good luck.

The peacock is also a symbol of Kwan-Yin in Asian lore, as an emblem of love, compassionate watchfulness, nurturing and kind-heartedness.

In Persian lore, the peacock symbolizes protection over royalty (and since you’re the queen of your wedding day….)

In Christian lore, the peacock represents the “all-seeing” church and has been connected to renewal as well as holiness."

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Wedding Dress Silhouettes

When you go to pick out a dress for your wedding, the consultant will ask you what you envision yourself in. Having an idea of which silhouette you like will help get the appointment off on the right foot. That said, it's worth stepping out of your comfort zone a little and trying a different style than you may have thought, you may be surprised!

Above are the most common dress styles for wedding gowns these days. And below you'll find some examples of each.

I love these puffed sleeves--very Cinderella
Both of these full skirts are beautiful. I love sleeves on dresses too!

 Classic A-line

These dresses still have full skirts, but less poof!

I like the dresses that have multiple layers in the skirt, allowing one layer to peek through


I love the mermaid silhouette!
Can you believe the one in the middle?!

This style can be difficult on larger sized ladies, that's why the Fit & Flair below, sometimes work better

Fit & Flair

One of my favorite styles! They resemble Mermaid dresses, but the "flair" starts up higher. And the "fit" mimics a very low, dropped waist.
What do you think of fluffy vs. smooth skirts?
Love this simple white one!


A simple, classic silhouette. Nicer for beachy, summer weddings.

Are these styles too simple for your tastes?

Empire Waist

Empire waists on a shift dress give a Grecian/Beach/Goddess look. Light and airy.


Fun and functional! These dresses are a blast to dance in.

Short styles have a beautiful vintage flair.


Much less common are these mini wedding dresses. Much less formal, these dresses have a fun party vibe.

What is your favorite style?

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Patriotic "I Do!"

Aw, the heart of summer time, July! And on this Independence Day I thought I'd showcase
some images from patriotic weddings! Red, White and Blue will always go well together! 
Happy 4th!!

Love the flag cake pops!

Those red chairs are beautiful!

(And now recognized by the federal government! Wahoo!) :)

Pretty bridesmaids idea, and the cutest flower girl ever!

Good idea for a military wedding!
And a few of our presidents on their wedding day! Can you name them all?

Monday, July 1, 2013

Country folks gettin' hitched!

Can ya beat a country weddin'? I'm not sure ya can. Granted, I'm a little biased, living amongst the mountains and ranch land of western Montana. Country details in weddings have always been a favorite though. Burlap-wrapped vases and lanterns, mason jars for lemonade, hay bales for sitting, red barns for receptions, sweeping vistas for ceremonies, wildflowers for bouquets, entrances on horseback, singing birds, cowboy boot-clad bridesmaids....the list goes on and on! There's something cozy about a country wedding, and it works well as a theme for a Do It Yourself wedding too. Lots of work, but fun in terms of doable crafts.

Lovely country photography

I love the sepia tones of these pictures
Field wedding ceremonies: beautiful (hope it doesn't rain!)

Lots of folks using straw bales lately

Barn receptions are some of my absolute favorites

Oh the uses of mason jars! I love these lanterns

Burlap accents! Can't go wrong. I love using indoor furniture outside too.

What lovely spring-y colors here!
And who wouldn't want to get married with this view?! Gotta love my Bitterroot Valley, MT!

Friday, June 28, 2013

Wedding Traditions: White Dress

White dresses are more of a a new idea as it turns out, most often credited to Queen Victoria when she wed Prince Albert in February, 1840. Choosing white was a rather unusual choice for the times, and many elite Victorian era brides followed suit. A white dress was not an economical choice, for it was to only be worn once, and only the wealthy could afford this choice. Before Queen Victoria chose to wear white (and we all followed along like we do with most fabulous celebrities of our time), brides wore whatever was their nicest outfit--generally their Sunday best--and any color would work just fine.

I love the crisp classic look of a white wedding dress, but I'm not adverse to mixing it up a bit. I've been to quite a few weddings where brides chose to highlight an accent color either with a sash or beading or underskirt. I like the look, though I'll admit if I see another red-accented dress I'm gonna go nuts. I find this combo too harsh!

I've amassed a few examples of the colored wedding dress fad from simple to extreme. I'll most likely choose white for my own day, but I do enjoy how color can enhance a dress and a look.

Not too far from the classic "original" white dress. I love the blue one on the end!!

A playful petticoat adds color but can be covered

Florals have picked up steam lately. I love these dresses. The ruffles and flowers are lovely

Two that are slightly more extreme, but still beautiful. The one on the right looks almost too casual
What about a colored dress for the bride and white for the bridesmaids?!
I recently went to a wedding where the dress was accented with a lot of gold. I love gold on a gown!