Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Wedding Dress Silhouettes

When you go to pick out a dress for your wedding, the consultant will ask you what you envision yourself in. Having an idea of which silhouette you like will help get the appointment off on the right foot. That said, it's worth stepping out of your comfort zone a little and trying a different style than you may have thought, you may be surprised!

Above are the most common dress styles for wedding gowns these days. And below you'll find some examples of each.

I love these puffed sleeves--very Cinderella
Both of these full skirts are beautiful. I love sleeves on dresses too!

 Classic A-line

These dresses still have full skirts, but less poof!

I like the dresses that have multiple layers in the skirt, allowing one layer to peek through


I love the mermaid silhouette!
Can you believe the one in the middle?!

This style can be difficult on larger sized ladies, that's why the Fit & Flair below, sometimes work better

Fit & Flair

One of my favorite styles! They resemble Mermaid dresses, but the "flair" starts up higher. And the "fit" mimics a very low, dropped waist.
What do you think of fluffy vs. smooth skirts?
Love this simple white one!


A simple, classic silhouette. Nicer for beachy, summer weddings.

Are these styles too simple for your tastes?

Empire Waist

Empire waists on a shift dress give a Grecian/Beach/Goddess look. Light and airy.


Fun and functional! These dresses are a blast to dance in.

Short styles have a beautiful vintage flair.


Much less common are these mini wedding dresses. Much less formal, these dresses have a fun party vibe.

What is your favorite style?

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