Friday, June 14, 2013

Extreme Themes: Gothic

Some wedding themes are a little more intense than others. I certainly admire enthusiasm and creativity though! I enjoy a couple that takes a theme and runs with it. Whether that be a pattern (polka dot or chevron?), an animal (birds anyone?) or something from pop culture (old Hollywood? The 20s?). Today I'll focus on something a bit more extreme: the Gothic Wedding. Maybe it's because my high school reunion is a week away and I spent a *very* small stint of my sophmore year as a goth...but these weddings have caught my eye. Not quite my personal style these days, but I do think they'd be fun to attend!

First off, you've gotta LOVE the fashion! 
Fabulous and dramatic colors with makeup and hair to match!

Dita Von Teese is in the upper right, what a gorgeous woman!

I could probably rock this style simply because I'm naturally so pale...
More dresses and style...

 And more Dita! I love this gal's style. And I was a big Marilyn Manson
fan, so I was psyched when they got married. (To bad it didn't last...)

Aren't these cakes whimsical? They have a very Dia de Los Muertos feel.

 Red, black and purple seem to be the most popular colors. I love the candlelight!

The flower bouquets are gorgeous!

And some folks get to use some pretty awesome venues. Castle anyone?

What are your thoughts on this extreme theme?

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  1. I totally agree with you, they are not so much my cup of tea but I would love to attend one as a guest:) Kisses and hugs