Saturday, March 30, 2013

Starting out!

Hello to blogland! I've decided to branch off from my normal blog and delve into a passion of mine. Something that I never stop thinking of, dreaming about, and searching for. The topic of magazine subscriptions, Google searches and TV shows.


Let me be clear about a few key things first.

Have I been married myself? Not yet, but getting closer.

Do I plan weddings or decorate for a living? Not at all! I'm actually a chemist.

Do I take these photos? Sadly no. So please, unless otherwise noted, know that the beautiful photos featured here are from the internet. Maybe that's cheating a bit, but I get my design inspiration from Pinterest and Google, etc., and then I want to share it with you! But I certainly take no credit!

I'll use this corner of blog space to present wedding themes and new styles, dresses I love and traditions I want your opinion on. Please join me as I find the best of what the web has to offer of weddings!

1 comment:

  1. Well this sounds very interesting! What a great idea. I just love seeing all the ideas on the internet concerning weddings. Looking forward to what you post! Kit