Monday, April 8, 2013

Make-up Your Mind!

Ah, wedding make up. I've seen examples from the entire spectrum. I lean more toward a natural pallet, letting the original beauty of the bride show through. That said, a bold lipstick can really bring on some amazing drama. 
A nice natural make up style like this shows the bride's natural glow and beautiful skin!

Orangey-red lipstick looks happy and fun!

Red lips and blue eyes make this bride look like a Disney princess. Beautiful!

As for the more over-the-top make-up styles, no thank you! Make-up colors and techniques can help illustrate a gal's personality, but I would hope that on your wedding day you don't need your face painted like a rainbow....

Though I admire the technique here, it's way too much!

I suppose if you really like pink...

Holy, eyelashes batman!

A beautiful lady covered up in makeup. I'd like to see her in a more toned down look

I really like this moody, middle-ground, of simple eyes and maroon lips:

What do you folks think about dramatic vs. natural wedding makeup?

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