Monday, April 1, 2013

A Wedding by the Sea

Though my boyfriend just shakes his head when I say it, I've already decided we'll be having a nautical themed wedding. :) I find the idea so romantic! The sea has always drawn me, particularly the rugged cliffs and coast of Oregon. The ocean here has always called to me, and retains a deep mysterious quality every time I return to her.

There's something about the non-tropical flair of this side of the big blue. The wind blows, it's chilly and grey, but it's cozy. Warm fires keep salty toes warm and fluffy sweaters are good for cuddling on the beach. The sunsets are hard to catch, and that much more magical when you get to see it. Bright kites abound, and add a splash of color to a grey-blue sky. Even when it rains it's beautiful.

A sea-side wedding would combine many things I love. First and foremost would be the groom, of course, secondly the sea. Then there's stripes and boats. The vibrant primary colors associated with nautical flags and buoys. Glass floats and fish nets. You can make it classy or casual. But romantic no matter what.

Better not mind sand on your dress! I love these beach photos (the left from Oregon, the right from Ireland)

The Michael Kors dress with the gingham ribbon is one of my all time favorites. I fell in love with it when I first saw it! The satin sash on the other one is an amazing color. I love that sapphire blue for a wedding!

Decor can be a hoot when it comes to nautical. Ropes, anchors, sea critters, nets, etc. Can all be used and combined in really classy ways. The knot invitation I find cute and clever.

I adore the compass groomsmen gifts on the left. What a classy idea! Nautical accessories are easy to find and make lovely bridesmaid gifts.

Can't beat a coastal venue! I find lighthouses so very beautiful and fascinating. This one is in Nantucket. On the left is Cape Perpetua in Oregon. I love this stone facade as a backdrop.

Reception decor can be so pretty! The oyster can on the left reminds me of something out of a scene from Carousel. "This was a real nice clam back!..." Striped on the cake and table cloth are irresistible.

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