Friday, April 19, 2013

Teal Ribbon, Teal Wedding

Today's wedding style is themed around the color teal. This color is also used to represent the cancers of the female reproductive system. A friend near me recently was diagnosed with such a cancer, and it has turned my world around. 

So many people out there have been affected in some way by these cancers, and for me this is the second time to witness it, the first with  my late Grandmother. What I've taken from this experience so far is the courage and bravery I've seen in my friend through the process. Suddenly all of my woes, ailments, or surgeries seem very small. I am in awe of how stoic she is in the face of something so very frightening. I know too that she gains so much of her strength from her circle of friends and family. I hope that anyone in this situation has the same type of support and lots of love from every direction. 

I am sending out hopeful, warm, strengthening wishes to every woman who is fighting one of these battles. You can be victorious!

Maybe the dress in the above pictures is taking the theme a bit too far, but I am a fan of the teal-outfitted wedding party! It goes so good with grey!

I've noticed some folks go overboard with the teal theme, lots of glitter, faux rhinestones, confetti, etc. It tends to get tacked with the color black, and what they want as a classy theme gets a little too Vegas. The cake and decor above I like, though. Classy, simple, and not over the top. 

The bouquet on the left is gorgeous! I like the small accents of teal that go so well with the cream and maroon. Well done! No matter what your style, there are many teal flowers for the choosing these days.

My favorite part, of course, the shoes! I've noticed this jewel tone popping up a lot in pictures. Can't go wrong with a good teal heel. And look at those shoes with the white flowers! Adorable!

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