Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Wedding Shoes

To say that I adore shoes is the century's greatest understatement. Or maybe that's a bit of an overstatement...either way, I love beautiful shoes and collect them like candy. From my other blog, here is an idea of  my collection:

Bright and bold are my favorite style. Jewel tones always catch my eye and I think they play well off of wedding dress white too! Having adorable shoes that reflect the personality of the bride, is now a common trend. I've seen many wedding photos with a little bit of fuschia satin, or blue lace peaking out by their toes. I think unique shoes are a great way to keep a wedding outfit fun and personal.

I'm also a fan of the unique bridesmaid or groomsmen shoe trend! That great pop of color or silly style keeps everyone smiling at the ceremony.

This just screams "fun!" I'd love to attend this type of wedding. What fun couples they must be!
Of course, the wedding party can go a bit formal too which is nice:

These have a classy old fashioned 20s feel. Beautiful!

You'll certainly find me, on my future wedding day, with an amazing pair of shoes on. I've considered a tea length dress specifically for the chance to showcase a pair. My friends and family will not be surprised to see me in heels and pointed toes walking down the aisle.

As for heels, flats are good too! And ballet flats come with so many pretty embelishments and in so many colors they can be just as fancy as heels. Not to mention your feet won't want to kill you at the end of the day, and you won't be taller than your groom!

What kind of shoes did you wear at your wedding?


  1. Hi E. Charlotte,
    What a fun post about shoes and after my own heart. I love shoes. For my wedding many years ago, I wore a gorgeous white pump with lace accents to match my dress. They heels were 2 1/2" high but still comfy and I could dance the night away.

    Have a great weekend
    Hugs, CM

  2. I had a lovely pair of white pumps! With a 2 inch heel. I wonder what ever happened to them? I love those purple shoes above with the pearly clasp. :) Kit

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